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Road Trip Time

As you can see from the date of my previous post, it's clear I had been abducted by aliens and recently returned as there would be no other reason for the lapse in posting.

I'm probably going to embark on a road trip cross country in June. I need to be in Hawaii for the month of July and thought it would be a good idea to drive to LA and meet with photographers along the way. This is something I had done prior to COVID and enjoyed it immensely as too frequently, I don't meet the people I work with. I will be available for either individual or group consultations.

On my way to LA, I'm planning to visit Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Little Rock, Dallas, Austin, maybe Houston, maybe Denver, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Phoenix. So if you're near any of those locations and interested in consulting, please let me know.

And I'll even post more. Maybe.

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