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Debra Weiss Creative Consultant

Everyone's a Photographer

How to Deal With It + What to Do About It!

             Debra Weiss Creative Consultant with Andrea Kaye, Executive Integrated Producer, Business Affairs Manager + Talent Consultant

DATE:   Tuesday, July 9, 2024 @ 12pm – 2pm ET via Zoom

This session will be recorded and available to participants through August 9, 2024

Everyone can take a picture. Not everyone can create an image. That’s what separates the pros from everyone else. 


Since 1900 and the inception of the Brownie camera, “everyone’s a photographer” has been a rallying cry among professionals.


While it is undeniable that there are positive aspects to social media, it has made everyone believe they’re a photographer. Its influence has completely altered the way everyone from ad agency art directors to interior designers source talent. 


With 3.2 billion images and 720 thousand hours of video shared online daily, getting noticed seems like an impossible task. 


Debra Weiss and Andrea Kaye will take you through this informative and always entertaining program that will help you better understand how to cut through the clutter and put you on the path to achieving your goals.


Additionally, you will have the option of registering for the program alone or the program with two thirty-minute portfolio reviews with Debra and Andrea. Reviews will be scheduled upon registration


Feel free to reach out with any questions to


View Terms and Conditions here.​

This program is for professional photographers and those who are serious about a career as a professional. Its purpose is to aid you in understanding steps you can take to separate yourself from the pack and not be consumed with feeling that the end is near. 


Everyone’s a Photographer is a precursor to the upcoming, in-depth How 2B Your Own Best Rep workshop on September 10th + 17th.  Visit the workshop page for information and registration. 

Who Is This For?

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Debra Weiss, Creative Consultant

A former agent for some of the top names in the business, a consultant for the former Black Book and CEO of APA National, Debra now primarily works with photographers one on one. She is called a “creative consultant” but what she really does is coach a photographer’s career as an artist and a business.


A lecturer and moderator, Debra has created several programs designed to educate and entertain including COPYRIGHT: KNOW IT OR BLOW IT, How 2 Get Work From Ad Agencies, How 2B Your Own Best Rep, Everyone’s a Photographer and SHOW & TELL: The Story Behind the Image, a multi course wine pairing dinner.


Debra reviews the portfolios of BFA, MFA and alumni students of ICP annually. She is also an independent curator and has served as curator for an internationally traveled exhibit of the Best of The International Photography Awards; HARAMBEE! (Come Together) at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles; a collection of images created by Pulitzer Prize and other award  winning photojournalists exhibited in NYC and exhibitions of works by Scott Caan and Sara Terry for The Photo Independent Art Fair as well as curating for several participating photographers in the recently mounted Virtual Photo Independent, now in its second edition.

Andrea Kaye,  Executive Art Producer,

Business Affairs Manager + Talent Consultant

After having worked as an Integrated Producer/Art Producer/Art Buyer at large New York advertising agencies including BBDO and McCann for over 25 years, Andrea is now a highly sought after Freelance Integrated Producer, Business Affairs Manager and Talent Consultant.

While on the inside of the industry Andrea was a strong voice and advocate for art production, helping transform the role, once known as art buying, into a more proactive, collaborative, and accountable member of the creative team.


Andrea was instrumental in the merger of her department with the Broadcast and Digital Production department, helping to create the agency’s first Integrated Production department.  This union led to many exciting and unsettling changes in both departments and while at McCann became the SVP, Executive Integrated Producer.


Andrea is also a past member of the Art Production Committee of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), the JEC (Joint Ethics Committee) and the Art Buyers Club.


Andrea has produced global shoots which have taken her around the world for clients such as ExxonMobil, MasterCard, Nikon, Verizon and The United States Army.

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