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Debra Weiss Creative Consultant

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Program & Events

A comprehensive program of two five hour sessions designed to inform, inspire, and offer insight into how better to navigate your way through the frequently challenging life of a professional photographer.

How to Deal With It and What You Can Do About It

Anyone can take at least one good picture today. Creating imagery is something else and it's what separates the professionals from everyone else. With 3.2 billion images and 720 thousand hours of video shared online daily, getting noticed seems like an impossible task. This program will help you better understand how to cut through the clutter and put you on the path to achieving your goals.

Copyright: Know It or Blow It


Understanding how to put copyright to work for you is crucial to your success as photographer. Predatory image rights demands and widespread image theft can leave a photographer's business in jeopardy. Learn what you need to succeed. Knowledge is power.


Of all the photographic genres, none is as alluring and at the same time as elusive as the world of fashion photography. A panel of experts share their thoughts and opinions on how, what and who you need to know.


The realities, fantasies, rewards and pitfalls will be discussed as you learn about getting published, working with the right team (stylists, hair and make-up artists, retouchers, etc.) Hear first-hand about the roles that all of these experts play, how these relationships work and how important each of these aspects are to achieving success in this very exclusive universe.

Overcoming Fear

Too often our fears block our path to success. Freelancers, especially those in the creative fields take that fear to a new level. You do not have to fall victim to this. You have more power than you think. This program is designed to impart practical tips to get you beyond whatever is depriving you of achieving your goals. 

Show & Tell Picture Stories

Show & Tell Picture Stories is an intimate, unique marketing platform designed to ignite relationships between great photographers and creative decision makers. This multi course dinner with wine pairings is by invitation only and limited to a select group of eight photographers maximum.

Photojournalism and Its Role in the Fine Art World

Once relegated to the front pages of newspapers, images created for photojournalistic purpose can now be found among collections belonging to prestigious institutions and discerning collectors throughout the world. This program explores the shift in perception of this incredible and important genre. 

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