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The Pleasure of Learning About Harold Feinstein

Harold Feinstein

Few things give me more pleasure than learning about photographers previously unknown to me. I’ve never heard of Harold Feinstein despite that fact that he became a member of the Photo League at the age of seventeen and by the age of nineteen his work had been purchased by Steichen for the permanent collection at MOMA. Now, thanks to independent filmmaker Andy Dunn’s documentary “ Last Stop Coney Island: The Life and

Photography of Harold Feinstein ” his work and life have been brought to light. According to Dunn, Feinstein wasn’t one to “play ball” with institutions and galleries precipitating his disappearance from the NY scene.

I would have liked this man.

From his bio :

He was one of the original inhabitants of the legendary “Jazz Loft,” which he later turned over to his long-time collaborator and colleague W. Eugene Smith for whom he designed the original lay-out of the famous Pittsburgh Project . Their association prompted this statement from Smith:

He is one of the very few photographers I have known, or have been influenced by, with the ability to reveal the familiar to me in a beautifully new, in a strong and honest way. Take the time to read the entire bio. It’s time well spent.

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